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  • 5 Types of Salt & When to Use Them

    Knowing what type of salt to use can be confusing, so we broke down the 5 types of salt & when to use them. Kosher salt • truffle salt • sea salt • Himalayan pink salt • table salt 

  • Top 5 Tips for Planning a Virtual Team Building Event

    Planning a virtual team building event? We break down our top 5 tips for making your next team building event interactive, informative, and fun! 

  • Seared Chicken and Mole

    Herbs, peppers and spices add a fiery kick to Chef Alejandro's seared chicken and mole recipe.
  • Mexican Rice

    Come home to the delicious aroma of this mouth-watering dish! This easy Mexican rice recipe is made with simple ingredients, is inexpensive, inexpensive, easy to prepare and tastes great! I used white rice because I could not find brown.
  • The Heartiest and Most Soulful Sauce To Ever Come Out of Mexico

    It’s the only true Mexican sauce. The history of mole sauce goes back centuries. Here's a quick look back on how it is made the past decades.
  • A Taste Down Lobster History: From Trash to a Rare Delicacy

    Labor Day is the official end of Summer so it is a fantastic opportunity for you to dig in on some lobster! But did you know lobsters were considered trash?
  • Sauteed King Salmon with Sauce Vierge

    Sautéed King Salmon with Sauce Vierge is a quick and easy Spring dish. Serve it with boiled potatoes and steamed asparagus.
  • Smoked Salmon and Black Truffle Quiche with a Meyer Lemon Salad

    The combination of smoked salmon, eggs, and fresh herbs, combined with the richness of black truffle are balanced by the flavor of meyer lemons, producing an elegant dish that is also easy to prepare.
  • Truffled Shrimp & Grits

    Check out our amazing Shrimp and Grits recipe. We used beautiful gulf shrimp, Anson Mills heirloom grits from Columbia, South Carolina, and finish it all with some lovely Wagon Wheel cheese from Cowgirl Creamery.
  • Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Truffle Brown Butter

    Learn how to hand roll savory, roasted sweet potato into beautiful, fluffy pillows of gnocchi. Then we’ll show you a luxurious brown butter, truffle sauce to toss your gnocchi in, and top it all off with truffle carpaccio.
  • Truffle Grilled Cheese and Porcini Consommé

    This isn't the soup and sandwich you had as a kid; this week, we're putting an elevated twist on an all-American lunch standard. Consommé is a cla...
  • Truffled Maine Lobster Roll

    Enjoy the best of a Labor Day weekend vacation to Maine straight in your kitchen! Chef Tyler is a certified Mainer who has made thousands of lobster rolls and wanted to share this memorable experience with everyone!
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