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We create the best cooking experience and source the finest truffles and products in the universe


"With Truffle Shuffle I cooked the best dish of my life! It was a black truffle risotto and I never thought I could do this in my home!"

Alexa Giterman

"Every Sunday my mom and I look forward to cooking with Jason, Tyler and Sarah from Truffle Shuffle! It has been the highlight of our 2020!"

Cheryl and Judy

As I unscrewed a squat jar of the company’s Balinese sea salt mixed with dried summer truffles, its rich, loamy aroma practically billowed out — a genie escaping from a magic lamp. Basting a steak with thyme- and garlic-infused butter as 70 other people do the exact same thing feels like the opposite of social distancing.

SF Chronicle Food Critic - Soleil Ho