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Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
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July 19th at 6pm PT | Shopping List Only*

*Please note: your purchase does not include ingredient delivery. 

Chefs Tuck & Connie here! We haveno shameso much love for one of the culinary world's greatest creations: the Crunch Wrap Supreme. Crunchy, pillowy, golden brown, and oh-so delicious, the CWS is what happens when you don't settle for just good: you bring the best of both the crunchy taco and burrito worlds together into one delicious masterpiece! 

This is our Chef's twist, which we took *very seriously*!!! With pan-seared Wagyu ground beef, melty cheese, our two favorite signature seasonings, and so many culinary techniques coming together to make what we have dubbed the "Tuck Wrap Supreme." All Hail the Tuck Wrap Supreme!!!

Stoked, as always, to cook with you :)

Skills taught: Sauce skills, meat techniques, knife skills, seasoning, pan-searing

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