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Rallenti Radiatori Pasta with Truffle Sauce

    Rallenti Radiatori Pasta with Truffle Sauce


      (We are developing a brand new pasta for this kit! We'll have this back in stock soon, so keep checking back.)


      Introducing our Truffle Sauce which we call Tartufata. The tartufata is made up of a delicious blend of Black Perigord Truffles, Mushrooms, Pistachios and the finest Arbequina Olive Oil. 

      We include a simple recipe so that you can use the sauce and add it to your favorite pasta and have the ultimate truffle pasta experience. 


      In this kit you get 6.7 oz of the delicious truffle sauce. You can think of this as a truffle pesto.... Plus 6 oz. of incredible, artisanal, handcrafted, and small-batch Radiatori pasta from Rallenti Pasta. Right when you get the kit you can start cooking! We recommend adding grated parmesan! 


      You will be very happy with the truffle pasta dish you can make from this! 

      THANK YOU!
      All of your support is deeply appreciated at a time like this. Our goal is to bring joy to your home, support local producers and take care of those on the front line.

      For every virtual experience sold we will donate a meal to a healthcare worker in Alameda County. 
      When you order the ingredient kit we ship you everything you need to participate in the class while you watch the Truffle Shuffle chefs live on Zoom put on a show and educational cooking class!