Black Truffle Chicken Pot Pie

with Chef Connie McGuire

Mondays in May & June
Serves 2-6
90 minutes
Cocktail Mixer Included

Please note: Includes simple prep the night before class
(making the pie dough and poaching the chicken). 

About the Experience: That classic pot pie taken to the next level, with a homemade all-butter pie crust baked to flaky golden-brown perfection, fresh herbs and veggies, and our world famous Truffle Carpaccio. Learn an incredible pot pie recipe you can pass on for generations in this exciting culinary experience!

P.S. The thought of a kid telling their friends, “Well my grandpa makes his pot pie with truffles!” is why we love our jobs 😉 ❤️ 

Dietary: No Dairy (includes butter)

Skills Taught: Knife Skills, Vegetable Techniques, Pastry Techniques, Baking, Crust Making, Poaching

Features:  Balinese Truffle Salt

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We're proud of our partnership with the Alameda County Community Food Bank. For every experience kit sold, we donate two nutritious meals to a person in need.

If you choose this class, you will NOT be shipped ingredients in the mail and must buy all required ingredients!

Chef Connie McGuire

Meet Chef Connie McGuire

Originally from Southern California, Chef Connie McGuire credits her love of food to her parents: her dad being a skilled home cook and culinary student himself and her mom being an amazing eater.