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Click here to become an Early Bird member of the Food Is Love Club!
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Each Ingredient Kit Serves: 2-4 happy home chefs 
Class Time: 
About 1 hour (Please note: this class includes homework the night before - making the dashi and soft boiled egg - and day of class - braising the pork belly)

August 13th at 1pm PT & September 16th at 6pm PT

Chef Tuck here! That's right, the rumors are true: I'm bringing back THE RAMEN!!!

I've had a passion for ramen ever since I can remember, so much so that I spent time studying and perfecting my craft, eventually overseeing a ramen house and becoming a Sous Chef at Chefs Michael Mina and Ken Tominaga’s PABU.

 I've used this knowledge and passion to create a truly delicious ramen recipe of my own, with a delicate, light Shoyu Ramen broth that's perfect for summer along with tender, juicy braised pork belly and soft boiled egg! Stoked to teach you how to make it!!! 

Skills Taught: Broth making, egg techniques, meat techniques, knife skills, plating

What's in your ingredient kit:
All produce is purchased directly from local farms. 

Paloma cocktail mixer for two
Fresh ramen noodles 
Sesame oil
Bonito flakes
Bonafide chicken bone broth 
Farm fresh eggs
Chili threads
Pork belly
Bamboo shoots
House-made tare
Balinese Truffle Salt


When will I receive my meal kit packed with deliciousness? 

Your kit will ship the week of your class for guaranteed delivery by the day of. 

I am not a trained chef and have a small kitchen. Can I still make this? 

Yes, Chef!!! We will send you a list of basic kitchen equipment needed, along with a tried-and-true recipe, developed to be made in even the smallest (and mightiest!) of kitchens. From there, Chef Tucker will guide you through how to make this dish from start to finish in a live, cook-along class.

What if I don't like my dish?

While this has yet to happen, we do have a delicious guarantee on every order! We will refund your hard-earned dollars, no questions asked. 

Your ingredient kit purchase includes a meal donation to Alameda County Community Food Bank. Thank you for your support! 

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