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The Parlay House Live Event - Salmon en Papillote
The Parlay House Live Event - Salmon en Papillote
The Parlay House Live Event - Salmon en Papillote
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    The Parlay House Live Event - Salmon en Papillote


      Saturday, Aug 15th at 2:00 PM

      Papillote simply means "to curl" or "to roll".  We will show the classic French technique of cooking fish en papillote where we will wrap salmon in parchment paper to seal in all of the cooking vapors.  This produces a very gentle cooking process that will aromatize the fish with flavors of tarragon, olive oil, and truffle.  Of course, we will add some Truffle Shuffle touches to our version like a truffle butter beurre blanc sauce and pair it with Citrus Margarita with a truffle salt rim. Trust us; you won’t want to miss the incredible aroma and beautiful presentation when you open your packet just before eating!

      This weeks kit contains everything needed to make 2 portions:

      • Ora King Salmon from New Salmon
      • Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Wax Beans from Full Belly Farm
      • Everything you need for our Truffle Beurre Blanc
      • Citrus Margarita Mixer

      THANK YOU!
      All of your support is deeply appreciated at a time like this. Our goal is to bring joy to your home, support local producers and take care of those on the front line.

      For every virtual experience sold we will donate a meal to a healthcare worker in Alameda County. 
      When you order the ingredient kit we ship you everything you need to participate in the class while you watch the Truffle Shuffle chefs live on Zoom put on a show and educational cooking class!