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Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
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$19.00 - $175.00
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Each Ingredient Kit Serves: 2 happy home chefs 
Class Time: 
About 90 minutes

Thursdays at 3 & 6pm PT

Chef Tuck here! I can't wait to cook this steak with you!!! I've spent years perfecting all things meat- from my time spent as a Sous Chef at the Michelin-starred Alexander's Steakhouse to as a butcher at the two Michelin-starred Acquerello. I'll show you how to do my signature "sip and flip" method: "flipping" to get that perfect golden-brown crust while maintaining the integrity of a beautiful piece of USDA Prime beef, and "sipping" for fun times!

Plus, we're serving this steak with extra summer vibes: fresh mango salsa, crispy fried tostones, and an absolutely delicious sweet-meets-tart balsamic reduction for drizzling! It all plates up like a dream! Stoked to see you there! :) 

Your kit contains:
 All produce is purchased directly from local farms.

14 ounce USDA Prime Black Angus NY Strip Steak 
Green plantains 
Canola oil
Heirloom tomato
Red onion
Fresno chilis
Balsamic vinegar
Balinese Truffle Salt
Clover butter 
Fresh thyme

Dietary: Dairy free, gluten free

Skills Taught:  Meat techniques, frying, vegetable techniques, sauce skills


When will I receive my meal kit packed with deliciousness? 

Your kit will ship the week of your class for guaranteed delivery by the day of. 

I am not a trained chef and have a small kitchen. Can I still make this? 

Yes, Chef!!! We will send you a list of basic kitchen equipment needed, along with a tried-and-true recipe, developed to be made in even the smallest (and mightiest!) of kitchens. From there, Chef Tucker will guide you through how to make this dish from start to finish in a live, cook-along class.

What if I don't like my dish?

While this has yet to happen, we do have a delicious guarantee on every order! We will refund your hard-earned dollars, no questions asked. 

Your meal kit purchase includes a meal donation to Alameda County Community Food Bank. Thank you for your support! 

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