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Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
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$175.00 - $265.00
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Each Ingredient Kit Serves: 4 happy home chefs
Class Time: 
About 90 minutes

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July 3rd at 2:30pm PT

Chef Jason here! Fried chicken sandwiches are one of my favorite things on the planet, so when I started putting together this class to celebrate Independence Day, I couldn't wait to make the most delicious fried chicken sandwich ever created!!! With super crispy, buttermilk-brined chicken, tons of crunchy veggies, all drizzled in Brown Butter Truffle Honey, this is the best fried chicken sandwich I have ever tasted!!! Plus, I made this kit for 4 people, so it's a perfect way to celebrate with the whole family!! I can't wait to all celebrate together!! 

I'm so excited to cook up this crispy, absolutely delicious fried chicken sandwich to benefit an incredible organization which we've been proud to partner with over the past few years: 360Military Veterans Partnership, a veteran-run organization that serves our military’s Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) – our “first line of leadership” – to help them become stronger leaders, more reliable family members and healthier individuals throughout their time in the military and beyond. We will even be cooking along with 360MVP's President, Steve Salazar, as well as the incredible Military Families his organization supports. 

If you aren’t able to purchase an ingredient kit at this time, we hope you'll consider helping them in their mission to, "Make the strong stronger!" by donating directly to the 360Military-Veterans Partnership here.

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The Classic
: Includes a signature cocktail mixer.
The Foodie
: Includes two signature cocktail mixers & handmade cookie dough from Best Damn Cookies.
The Gourmand
: Includes handmade cookie dough from Best Damn Cookies & a curated selection of local cheeses.
Shot with the Chef
: VIP Pass, on us! Join class 10 minutes early to take a shot with the Chef! 

Your kit contains:
 All produce is purchased directly from local farms.

Brown Butter Truffle Honey 
Chicken thighs
All purpose flour
House made fried chicken seasoning
Farm fresh eggs
Red cabbage
Green cabbage
Red onion
Bread & butter pickles
Red wine vinegar
Olive oil
Kewpie Japanese mayo
Celery seed
Calabrian chili powder
Brioche buns
Balinese Truffle Salt 


When will I receive my meal kit packed with deliciousness? 

Your kit will ship the week of your class for guaranteed delivery by the day of. 

I am not a trained chef and have a small kitchen. Can I still make this? 

Yes, Chef!!! We will send you a list of basic kitchen equipment needed, along with a tried-and-true recipe, developed to be made in even the smallest (and mightiest!) of kitchens. From there, Chef Jeremy will guide you through how to make this dish from start to finish in a live, cook-along class.

What if I don't like my dish?

While this has yet to happen, we do have a delicious guarantee on every order! We will refund your hard-earned dollars, no questions asked. 

Your meal kit purchase includes a meal donation to Alameda County Community Food Bank. Thank you for your support! 

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