Handmade Pasta Carbonara

Mondays in May & June
Serves 2-4
90 minutes
Cocktail Mixer Included

About the Experience: Learn to make pasta from scratch while you cook our take on a traditional Tagliatelle Carbonara from start to finish! First, Truffle Shuffle Founder and French Laundry alum Chef Jason will show you all the techniques to make fresh pasta dough from scratch, kneading it to smooth, silky perfection. Then, you'll roll the dough paper-thin and teach you to cut it to make fresh tagliatelle. Finally, he'll show you how to make a creamy carbonara sauce with 24 month aged Parmesan and kale, all seasoned with Balinese Truffle Salt and fresh lemon. 

Skills Taught:  Fresh pasta, knife skills, sauce techniques

Features: Truffle Carpaccio, Balinese Truffle Salt

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We're proud of our partnership with the Alameda County Community Food Bank. For every experience kit sold, we donate two nutritious meals to a person in need.

If you choose this class, you will NOT be shipped ingredients in the mail and must buy all required ingredients!