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Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
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$19.00 - $130.00
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Each Ingredient Kit Serves: 2 happy home chefs 
Class Time: 
About 90 minutes

Mondays at 3 & 6pm PT

About the Experience: While we know the debate over the best cheesesteak sandwich is enough to break up even the closest of friends, we’re willing to risk it all and call this the greatest cheesesteak of all time! Not trying to start any fights, just trying to up your cheesesteak game!!

With cheese “whiz” made from scratch with Tillamook cheddar, our secret seasoning mix and Balinese Truffle Salt, and one full pound of the highest quality ribeye steak, pepperoncinis, mushrooms, and fresh chives, this sandwich rivals even Philly’s heaviest hitters.

In fact, we've been calling this “Connie’s King of Steaks” (a loving tribute to Pat’s King of Steaks, the first ever Philly cheesesteak shop). This is what happens when a Michelin-trained chef gets her hands on a tried-and-true classic: A little bit traditional, a little bit fresh, a whole lot of delicious!!!

Skills Taught: Knife Skills, Sauce Techniques, Meat Techniques

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