Black Truffle Risotto

Tuesdays in May & June
Serves 2
90 minutes
Cocktail Mixer Included

About the Experience: Learn to cook an elegant French-style risotto with Truffle Shuffle founder and French Laundry alum Chef Jason! Learn a lifelong risotto technique: the elusive “rice suspended in sauce.” This creamy, luxurious dish allows the black truffle’s delicious flavor to truly shine. Perfection! 

Dietary: Gluten Free

Skills Taught: Knife skills, seasoning, French cuisine 

Features: Truffle CarpaccioBalinese Truffle Salt

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We're proud of our partnership with the Alameda County Community Food Bank. For every experience kit sold, we donate two nutritious meals to a person in need.

If you choose this class, you will NOT be shipped ingredients in the mail and must buy all required ingredients!