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Balinese Truffle Salt - Case of 6
Balinese Truffle Salt - Case of 6
best all-natural truffle salt
truffle popcorn and truffle salt
truffle salt on healthy salad

    Balinese Truffle Salt - Case of 6


      Sea salt harvested by hand from a single family in Bali. Wernie, the grandmother of the family, finishes all of the salt personally to maintain quality and consistency.

      With our addition of real French summer truffles dried at the peak of ripeness, this Truffle Salt is a great addition to scrambled eggs in the morning, or rubbing down a S+P steak before grilling it to perfection.

      And you can't go wrong combining popcorn + truffle salt and a glass of wine, because you deserve it!

      Balinese Sea Salt, Dried Summer Truffle (tuber aestivum), Dried Mushroom Powder (agarius bisporus) and Natural Truffle Essence.

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