Your Best Source For Premium Truffles

We ship our truffles from the source to our headquarters within 48 hours for the freshest product.

We are pioneers building the first honest hunter-to-chef platform.

We have toiled in restaurants our entire working lives, and now bring the same level of focus, intensity, and commitment we learned from the kitchen to the truffle business. Our combined experience at some of the top restaurants in the world gives us a unique perspective on the truffle industry.

We know what chefs look for because we are chefs ourselves.

The truffle industry is plagued with the shady practices of many a dubious truffle dealer. Unfortunately, often the chef is the victim of these deceptions. Because we work with truffle hunters and brokers directly, we can guarantee that our truffles come
from one specific source

We then use direct shipping to get the truffles from the ground to our headquarters within 48 hours. This allows us to offer to the freshest and highest quality truffles on the market.

Our Goals: Integrity - Honesty - Transparency

  • Provide greater transparency between chefs and the truffle hunters

  • Support the truffle hunters directly

  • Supply chefs with the freshest truffles possible

  • Support Chefs with incubator and Angel funding (learn more)