Smoked Asian Pears
with Truffle Salt


Recipe courtesy Luan R.
Whole Foods Market - Lynnwood, WA

As the fall approaches my backyard becomes littered with pears that have fallen from my two mature Asian pear trees. Not all of the fruit can be salvaged and the ones worth saving must be used immediately. I came up with this recipe as a way to preserve my pearsand make a treat for my co-workers. It’s not surprising that truffle and pear go so well together but the smokiness truly adds an interesting, and irresistible, dimension to the combination.

Fresh Asian Pears


Brown Sugar

Balinese Truffle Salt


Aluminum foil or disposable aluminum pan
Wood chips (pecan or cherry is best)
Food container with lid (optional)



Remove any water pans from the smoker. Prepare the wood chips in the smoker and turn on a low setting, around 200 degrees.

Wash your pears! Slice the pears thinly, keeping the width as consistent as possible. Discard any pieces that are mostly skin. Place the pear slices in a food container. Toss in ½ tsp brown sugar and ½ tsp Balinese Truffle Salt per pear. Put the lid on the container and shake vigorously until the seasonings are evenly distributed on the pear slices. If you don’t have an appropriate container, rub the sugar and salt into the pear slices by hand. Try to achieve an even coating.

Prepare a sheet of aluminum foil or a disposable aluminum pan by setting upon a cutting board and scoring with a fork every 2-3”. The holes allow the smoke to come through the foil and permeate the pears.

Arrange the pear slices on the foil/pan and place inside the smoker. Check on the pears after about an hour. They should be slightly brown and soft. Just nibble on one to see if they are ready! This will largely be a matter of personal preference. Leaving them in longer will result in drier, smokier pears that will preserve for longer. Carefully remove from the foil when done and try not to eat them all before they cool down.






The pears will last longer in the refrigerator, stored in a waxed paper bag or plastic container with a lid.

Enjoy as a snack or, as an extra special treat, serve with vanilla ice cream and Brown Butter Truffle Honey.