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This is a cheese board made with California’s finest products. Pick up some techniques to perfect a cheeseboard, learn why these ingredients pair so well, and of course taste along the way!

Cowgirl Creamery is an award-winning creamery in Point Reyes Station, California. We absolutely love working with the team at Cowgirl Creamery because they produce some of the most beautiful, artisan cheeses in the country. We hand select the best cheeses in season from their larder to provide a true California cheese experience.

California Goat Cheese - We love goat cheese paired with our Brown Butter Truffle Honey. When we taste our truffle honey in stores, we always combine it with goat cheese and crackers, so this pairing has a special place in our hearts. Goat cheese has the perfect creaminess and tartness needed to balance the sweet, toastiness of the truffle honey. We work with a few artisan creameries in California to select the best seasonal offering.

California Medjool Dates - Larger than the other Deglet Noor dates, Medjool are much darker, semi-soft, sweet and have an aromatic flavor. Because of their caramel-like taste, plump died Medjool dates are often served with desserts, other fruits, and of course, are perfect on a cheese or charcuterie board.

Brown Butter Truffle Honey - The honey that we use for this very special product comes from Marshall’s Farm in American Canyon. Spencer Marshall has a knack for honey that was first discovered by Thomas Keller, and it is used in all of his restaurants. Marshall is a 4th generation beekeeper and he is absolutely in love with what he does. This honey is pure, unheated, unfiltered, raw, and bottled by hand.

Sarah's Cocktail & Wine Corner
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You’ve chosen your dish, now what? What wine or beverage are we looking for, and how did we get to that choice? With any dish, it’s all about “what grows together, goes together”. While keeping that in mind, if you are a Chardonnay ONLY, wine really isn’t your thing, no problem. If you are feeling adventurous, follow my lead, if not, drink what you know you like and that will produce the best experience for you.

My recommendation would be to try sherry! Pairing sherry and cheese is hardly a novel concept, but most of us tend to stick with the tried and tested combinations: a few slivers of mild Manchego with some Fino, or a chunk of strong blue with a shot of PX to round off the evening. Don’t get me wrong, those are classics for good reason, however, with such a variety of cheese flavours out there, you’re missing out if you don’t try pairing across the whole sherry spectrum.


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While working in the best Michelin Star restaurant kitchens, including The French Laundry, Chefs Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce loved incorporating truffles into their dishes. Sarah, who worked the front of the house at TFL, shared the Chef's love of truffles. Together, they were in awe of how one dish, made with fresh truffles and a few simple ingredients, could create special, ever-lasting memories for diners.



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