Traditional Vegetarian Borscht
with Chef Anna

December 17th at 2pm PT

Dive into Ukraine's colorful culture by cooking one of the country's famous recipes! Giving us a full course on how to make it while sharing with us the history of the dish, Chef Anna the author of Budmo, will make sure that you will love the traditional combo of Ukrainian Borscht and Garlic Rolls! Add this heartwarming vegetable soup and tasty pastry to your list of comfort food for this season!
In this experience, you will learn

  • The story behind Borscht and why cooking this traditional dish was today inscribed on UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Why do Ukrainians love giving Borscht to people that they like
  • How to make Pampushky dough
  • How to perfectly shape the bread
  • How to make vegan Borscht from scratch

We can't wait to cook with you!

Watch homework video below

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