Our Story

There is a special allure and mystery about truffles. They’re prized delicacies, highly sought after for their distinct earthy flavor and scent, but difficult to find and extremely perishable.

While working in the best Michelin Star restaurant kitchens, including The French Laundry, Chefs Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce loved incorporating truffles into their dishes. Sarah, who worked the front of the house at TFL, shared the Chef's love of truffles. Together, they were in awe of how one dish, made with fresh truffles and a few simple ingredients, could create special, ever-lasting memories for diners.

The Chefs conceived and launched Truffle Shuffle as an honest truffle company to provide the finest truffle products and consciously sourced and traced fresh truffles. It is our mission to personally source the best-in-class truffles and create the finest truffle products in the world. We also serve and support our community by volunteering and donating a portion of our profits to 1% For The Planet, with hope of solving the world's problems, one truffle at a time.

Jason McKinney

Tyler Vorce

Sarah McKinney
Design Director

"Jason and Tyler bring a unique blend of passion, experience, integrity and discovery to the world of truffles. They are challenging the status quo every day and are quickly becoming leaders in the industry, their delicate and delicious truffle salt being a perfect example of what they are capable of."

- Chef Phillip Tessier, Bocuse d'Or Silver Medalist