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Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!

Chef Jeremy Jarman

Specialties: Pastry


My love of cooking began as a kid watching the Food Network and helping my mom and grandma in the kitchen. After graduating from Laney College Culinary Arts Program, I pursued my passion for pastry in bakeries throughout the Bay Area as both a baker and cake decorator.

In my kitchen, I draw inspiration from my grandma and chefs like Christina Tosi or Araury Guichon who have a way of taking something that we all know and turning it upside down. My grandma taught me the basics, so I love taking her recipes and turning them upside down to try something new, I get super inspired by the old meeting the new!!

Chef Jeremy Specials


The most delicious chocolate cake you've ever tasted with a warm, molten souffléd center, all finished with a creamy homemade anglaise (or vanilla custard!)

Chef Jeremy will teach you all the skills and techniques to make an absolutely delicious, decadent desert in your home kitchen!

Skills Taught: Baking and Pastry Techniques, Custard, French Pastry

Dietary info: Vegetarian

Substitutions Available: Gluten-free; Low lactose guests *could* forgo the
angalaise and the cake on its own is absolutely delicious,

Price per kit: $95


Learn to make soft, pillowy gnocchi from scratch using the finest Bellwether Farms ricotta! With both fresh and sundried tomatoes, 24 month-aged Parmesan, our Black Truffle Gastrique, and fresh basil, this dish is packed with all the best flavors of summer.

Dietary: Vegetarian, low lactose (includes butter & Parmesan)

Substitution Available: Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan

Price per kit: $150


Chef Jeremy will guide you through a luxurious sampling of four varieties from Bay Area-based TCHO Chocolate, and teach you how to make two absolutely delicious chocolate truffles: Dark Chocolate with cocoa nibs and Milk Chocolate with Brown Butter Truffle Honey.

Skills Taught: Pastry Techniques, chocolate truffle making

Dietary info: Gluten-free, vegetarian

Price per kit: $150


Packed fresh organic heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, and herbed goat cheese, this summer tart is sure to impress! Learn to work with puff pastry and a ton of vegetable techniques, all while making a delicious and beautiful summer dish.

Skills Taught: Knife Skills, baking and pastry techniques, sauteing

Dietary info: Vegetarian

Substitutions Available: Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free

Price per kit: $150