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Menu Options

14 oz Seared NY Strip Steak with Sauce Bearnaise & Potato

This is a classic dish that is packed with flavor and finesse. You weill learn unique skill on how to make Bearnaise from scratch and searing a steak with the perfect crust.  You will even impress yourself with these new culinary tactics!

Kit Includes
1 14 oz New York Strip Steak to serve 2
Balinese Truffle Salt
Tarragon Reduction
Egg Yolk
Clarified Butter
Fresh Tarragon

Black Truffle Risotto

Risotto is a stable dish and ultimate pairing for truffles. It is creamy rich, silky and the truffles add an earthy and layered flavor you will always dream about! This dish can seem intimidating but our Chefs will guide you through each step so you become the master in your own kitchen

Kit Includes
Carnaroli Rice
Truffle Carpaccio
Balinese Truffle Salt
Stock or Broth
Heavy Cream
Champagne Vinegar
Shallot or Onion

Handmade fresh pasta, truffles and beurre monte

Knowing how to make fresh pasta is not only fun but impressive! There is nothing else like this hands on class. The texture, flavor and pride that comes from eating freshly make pasta and learning various techniques for shaping pasta is unmatched. This class is hands on and creative, you will learn culinary techniques to master a fresh pasta and toss with a luxurious buttery truffle sauce!

Kit Includes
“00” Flour
Truffle Carpaccio
Balinese Truffle Salt
Parmesan Cheese
Egg Yolks
Olive Oil

Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi with a Sage Brown Butter Sauce

We guarantee by the end of the class you will ask “Did I do that?” This gnocchi is soft, fluffy and filled with rich bright flavors.. The brown butter, truffle, sage sauce is heavenly and perfectly balances with the tart lemon. This is a special dish that is fun to make again and again.

Kit Includes
“00” Flour
Balinese Truffle Salt
Truffle Carpaccio
Egg Yolks

Entertainment Add Ons

From live music to special guests, we can add on something super special for your event to take the entertainment up a notch!

Product Add Ons

Want to surprise your guests with fresh truffles, truffle salt or truffle honey in their kit? No problem!

Cocktails And Wine

We can also add a specialized cocktail in each of your event kits.

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Our kitchens are open for Private Events Wednesday - Saturday. Fill out the form below with your desired date, estimated number of attendees and any additional notes.

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JP Morgan
BNY Mellon
First Republic

Hear from Our Customers

Just a fun cool experience. I was super impressed that I was able to follow along and eat a gourmet meal that I prepared!! Great job!!

The Chef was amazing! The recipe was amazing! And the Truffle Salt ~ out of this world! It was such a memorable experience! Thanks, Truffle Shuffle!

The experience and kits were just great - right mix of something to do, but not too technical. Amazing ingredients led to a fantastic result. Fun instructor and great company story.  Just what my team needed.

What a light and fun atmosphere. The food was terrific. The instructors opened my eyes to a new way to cook steak and potatoes.

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