Truffle Shuffle was born out of a love for truffles and the experience that truffles deliver.

Tyler, Sarah and Jason met while working at The French Laundry - Jason and Tyler cooking in the kitchen and Sarah working the front of the house - and they loved how one dish with a few simple ingredients could be a highlight in not just a meal, but someone's life. They also learned about the dark side of the truffle trade and how counterfeit truffles are smuggled into the marketplace.

Our mission at Truffle Shuffle is using what we know about the truffle world to be an honest truffle company. After successfully building partnerships with outstanding restaurant chefs, Truffle Shuffle decided to bring the allure of truffles to consumers. We released our Balinese Truffle Salt in July and will roll out an entire product line in 2020.


Jason McKinney

Tyler Vorce

Sarah Rundle

Andy Hagedon

"Jason and Tyler bring a unique blend of passion, experience, integrity and discovery to the world of truffles. They are challenging the status quo every day and are quickly becoming leaders in the industry, their delicate and delicious truffle salt being a perfect example of what they are capable of."

- Chef Phillip Tessier, Bocuse d'Or Silver Medalist

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