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Mac N Cheese On-Demand Class

Hosted by Chef Tyler Vorce

Let's Get Cooking!

Ever wondered how you can make your beloved childhood mac and cheese that much better? We've done extensive research, and it turns out the answer is truffles! In this class, you'll learn to make an adult mac and cheese fit for any dinner party or weeknight indulgence. Creamy, cheesy, and decadent with a toasty breadcrumb crust and black truffles layered throughout, you'll wish you could send this recipe to your younger self!
Knife maintenance is huge—you always want your knife arsenal to be well-sharpened. Use a honing steel between sharpening. We recommend a whetstone or oil-based stone for sharpening. Or, you can take them to a professional knife shop (we love Bernal Cutlery from the Bay Area).
Believe it or not, you're more likely to injure yourself on a dull knife than a sharp one!
Garlic burns easily. When softening garlic, make sure to stir constantly, keep your eye on things, and turn down the heat if necessary.
Be careful of sputtering when adding the milk to the roux, especially if your milk is very cold.
Be patient when toasting your breadcrumbs. Nicely golden, brown, crispy and delicious bread crumbs are the crucial finishing touch to make this recipe super tasty!

Meet Your Chef!

Tyler Vorce

Born and raised in Kennebunk, Maine, Chef Tyler Vorce has been working in kitchens since he was fourteen years old. What started as a dishwashing position at Pier 77 Restaurant in Cape Porpoise grew, with the guidance of his mentor Chef Pete Morency, into a lifelong love of cooking. Since graduating from Johnson & Wales University’s Culinary Arts program, he’s worked in some of the world’s most highly acclaimed kitchens, including Dovetail in New York City and the three Michelin-starred restaurant The French Laundry. Tyler co-founded Truffle Shuffle in the hopes of sharing his extensive culinary knowledge, with the goal of arming curious home cooks with all the skills and techniques necessary to cook like professional chefs.
Tyler Vorce


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help.

How do I get started?
  1. Download, print and review the provided step-by-step recipe.
  2. Prepare your mise en place as indicated on the recipe.
  3. Review Culinary Tips from the Chef.
  4. Begin the video class and be ready to enjoy a delicious meal!
What if I have a culinary question for an on-demand class?

If you have any questions about your Video On-Demand class, you can always email us at

Where can I find Truffle Shuffle Products in-store?

We are only offering our small batch products as a part of our live and on-demand culinary experiences. Check out our upcoming experiences here!

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