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Tuck's Duck Breast On-Demand Class

Hosted by Chef Tucker Ricchio

Let's Get Cooking!

Learn to cook a restaurant-quality meal in your own home! We’re making an absolutely delicious Duck Breast with Warm Farro Salad & teaching so many culinary skills along the way. You’ll learn how to score and pan sear the most tender duck breast with irresistibly crispy skin. We’ll also be covering essential knife skills, like chiffonading herbs and facing edges for perfect squares.

1. Make sure you get your duck breast out of the package and tempered on paper towels.
2. Season in layers: this can be adding different but complementary flavors to a dish.
3. The key to searing off a piece of protein is to get it to room temperature and nice and dry. 
4. Use only 1 1/2 cups of broth for the Farro.
5. You can store the broth in the fridge for 5-7 days or store it in the freezer.
6. Don’t over-salt your Farro 
Cup your apple into about 1/2 sections

Meet Your Chef!

Tucker Ricchio

Chef Instructor
Chef Tucker Ricchio first fell in love with cooking while helping her Nonna make fresh pasta and lasagna as a young girl. After graduating with a double bachelor’s degree, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a Chef and received her formal culinary education from Le Cordon Bleu. Aside from her Nonna, she credits her culinary skills to Chef Suzette Gresham, who mentored her from Butcher to Sous Chef at her Michelin-starred restaurant Aquerello. Ricchio loves sharing her passion for food (and truffles!) with her Truffle Shuffle students. In passing on the tips and tricks she’s learned from her years in kitchens, she hopes to give her students the tools to cook like professional chefs at home.
Tucker Ricchio


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help.

How do I get started?

1. Print shopping list and procure the ingredients from your local grocery store

2. Download, print and review the provided step-by-step recipe

3. Prepare your mise en place as indicated on the recipe

4. Review Notes From The Chef

5. Begin the video class and be ready to enjoy a delicious meal

What if I have a culinary question for a Video On Demand Class?
If you have any questions about your VOD class, you can always email
Where can I find Truffle Shuffle products in store?

You can search to find our Truffle Shuffle products HERE.

Reach out to us and we’ll make sure to answer any questions you have.