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Traditional Chinese Dumplings

with Mrs. Huan

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Sunday, July 11th


3:00PM PST




It’s Virtual!

Let's Get Cooking!

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You can make traditional Chinese dumplings from scratch!!! Yes, that's right! When you sign up for our Traditional Chinese Dumplings Class with the world-famous Mrs.Huan (Michelin Star Chef Jackson Yu of Omakase's very sweet and dear mother)

Truffle Shuffle makes it so easy for you by sending you all the ingredients! With beautiful ground Kurobuta pork, fresh Napa cabbage, and Mrs. Huan dipping sauce. With over forty years of experience making dumplings, she will teach you, step by step, the tradition she has carried with her from China. You will even learn how to make different dumpling shapes!

Plus, we send you a cocktail mixer created by one of our co-founder's Sarah. The Barely Sun Tea, which has a unique mix of Barely Tea and the use of your favorite whiskey!

We only have a limited amount of the supplies here so make sure you do not miss out.

We will send you the highest quality ingredients, the recipe, and cook along with you. You will become a master in your kitchen, learning how to make dumpling dough, a pork filling and a Barley Sun Tea. It will be a fun night full of laughter and great food!

Truffle Shuffle was founded as the honest truffle company. While working together at The French Laundry in Napa, Jason McKinney, Tyler Vorce, and Sarah Rundle fell in love with truffles and the overall, unforgettable experience they could provide. The trio launched Truffle Shuffle at the end of 2018. Truffle Shuffle has come a long way since then. When Covid-19 hit, and restaurants began to close, the small team had to adjust their business model to survive. The first live virtual cook-along-experience was launched in March, and sold out in 3 hours Truffle Shuffle has since cooked with over 200,000 people. For each meal we sell, we donate a meal to those in need.


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Meet Your Chef!

Mrs. Huan

Dumpling Master

Michelin Star Chef Jackson Yu of Omakase's very sweet and dear mother is here to share with us her dumpling making mastery. With over 40 years of experience, there is no one better to learn the art of hand-crafting dumplings from than the Dumpling Master herself.

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