Korean Short Rib Rice Bowl
With Chef Tucker

December 17th at 4pm PT

Chef Tucker goes around the world! Devour your foodie bucket list with the planet's iconic food and recipes.

On this trip, we’re headed off to Korea with some Korean Short Ribs! They’re thinly sliced on the bone and super scrumptious. Learn to make a Korean BBQ-style sauce over some beautifully steamed rice and all the accompaniments for the best Korean rice bowl in your very own kitchen! Get ready for a sweet and spicy adventure with Chef Tucker, and don’t forget to grab a sweet & spicy, and mixology kit to take this dish to the next level!

In this experience, you will learn

  • How to properly season and cook Korean Short Ribs
  • How to make Korean BBQ-style sauce
  • How to make a slaw and the dressing
  • How to cook perfect rice

Don't forget to make the sauce and marinate the short ribs the night before the class, Chef!

We can't wait to cook with you!

Watch the homework video below

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