APRIL 18th | 2:00 PM PST & 5:00 PM PST

Fried Chicken

Cook live with our Michelin-trained chefs on April 18th and make the crispiest fried chicken you have ever had. We will send you the highest quality ingredients, the recipe, and cook along with you. You will become a master in your kitchen being able to butcher a whole chicken and fry it up. It will be an event full of laughter, fun, and great food!


Delivered to Your Door

Whole Chicken (Mary's Chicken Farm)


Seasoned Flour

Jar of Truffle Honey



Truffle Salt

Basil Gimlet Cocktail Mixer

You Will Learn How to:

  • Butcher a Whole Chicken
  • Perfectly Fry Each Piece
  • Craft the perfect basil gimlet cocktail

Mix it Up

Perfect your mixology skills as you mix up a herbaceous Basil Gimlet Cocktail that will pair perfectly with your fried chicken!


All of your support is deeply appreciated. For every virtual experience sold we will donate a meal to a healthcare worker in Alameda County.

All overnight shipping orders outside of the San Francisco Bay Area must be placed by the Wednesday prior to class to ensure on-time delivery.