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Sometimes things don’t always go smoothly, so here are some common questions we hope will help!

How should I prepare for my class?

You will receive an email prior to your experience providing access to the Experience Information Landing page. Please visit that page to download the recipe PDF, learn more about your chefs, and access the Zoom Link. Everything listed under 'Mise en Place' in the recipe PDF will be needed for the class. 

How do I care for fresh truffles?

1. Store the truffles in the fridge in the small cloth bag they came in.

2. To reduce moisture wrap each truffle in unbleached paper towels (change daily).

3. Store truffles in the fridge until ready to use. 

Pro Tips: 

Store the cloth bag of truffles in an air-tight container with butter or eggs, this will allow truffle aroma to lightly infuse them. Consider using the butter in your dish, or fix scrambled eggs with leftover truffle the next morning. 

Truffles will last for 3-7 days when stored properly. Use them ASAP!

I can't seem to find the Zoom link for the live class. Where do I find this?

Public experience Zoom details are sent via email prior to the class, and are accessible on your upcoming Experience's Informational Landing page that you will receive a link to via email. Your Experience kit also includes a printed card with the zoom link and meeting ID. 

When do you ship kits for upcoming experiences?

We ship all kits for private experiences UPS Next Day Air two days prior to the class, and kits for public experiences UPS Next Day Air the Thursday before the Sunday Public class experience.

What shipping carrier do you use?

We use UPS Next Day Air for perishables and Experience kits. We use Ground shipping for non-perishable/shelf-stable items. 

I haven't received my kit yet and my experience is tomorrow. What should I do?

We pack all perishable ingredient kits for 48 hours in transit. Shipping two days prior via Next Day Air allows us to provide the freshest ingredients while still allowing one extra day to prepare for potential shipping delays. Double check tracking information, sent via email, and feel free to contact us via with concerns.

I received a notification that my kit has been delayed by the shipping provider. Will the items in my kit go bad?

All perishables are packaged for potentially 48 hours in transit. An email with tracking info is sent when the shipping label is created at our HQ the day the package is shipped.

Are there any shipping restrictions?

We ship to all of the continental United States, unfortunately we can not ship to Hawaii or outside of the country. However we can provide a shopping list and Zoom link for your guests to join and cook along.

 Given the size, format, and nature of our temperature-sensitive perishable meal kits, our shipping partners are not able to ensure PO box delivery. An alternate address is always necessary in place of a PO Box address.

What is in my experience kit and what is the serving size?

All details can be found on the main product page beforehand, or the Experience Information page that you will have access to after you purchase the experience. Our Sunday Experience kits serve 2 generous main portions, unless otherwise specified. 

When will my kit ship for a Sunday Experience?

All public experience kits will be sent the Thursday prior to the event for UPS Next Day Air delivery Friday, in time for the class on Sunday. 

I can't seem to find the Zoom link for the live class. Where do I find this?

Public experience Zoom details are sent via email prior to the class, and are accessible on your upcoming Experience's Informational landing page, that you will receive a link to via email. We also include a card with the zoom link and meeting ID packed with the experience kit.

What do I do if an ingredient is missing or broken in transit?

We do our best to pack the kits so that nothing is damaged or broken in transit, however that being said, sadly this can occur. Please reach out to us via and we can suggest some easy household replacements. If something is missing, please also reach out to us so that we can sincerely apologize and find a timely remedy.

I need to change the class time I signed up for OR I can’t join the live class, what do I do?

If you can no longer participate in the Live Class time you signed up for and would like to change to a later or earlier time, NO PROBLEM. Feel free to use the same zoom link in your experience kit and log into whichever class is most convenient for your schedule. 

If you are unable to join the Live Class we are happy to send you a recording of the class to cook along with at your convenience. Class recordings will be posted to the following Monday. 

I lost my Recipe!

When your kit arrives, there will be a printed “Roadmap to Success” included with listed Mise en Place, Ingredients, and Steps for prep and cooking during class. If you are missing the recipe, or need a new copy, please visit your Experience landing page and download the printable Recipe PDF.


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