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Oakland, CA
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Butcher at Three Michelin-starred The French Laundry
Chef Ian Rosenstrauch

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Truffle Shuffle Chef Instructor
Chef Ian is one of Truffle Shuffle's first employees and has had an inspirational path.
Hailing from New Jersey, Chef Ian has worked his way from slinging pizza in West Orange to the Rainbow Room in New York. At the Rainbow Room, Chef Ian refined his technique and found a desire to learn about farming. He moved to California and got a job as a farmer at The French Laundry where he developed a strong respect for the food that we eat. After spending time in the farm, Chef Ian spent a year as a butcher at The French Laundry refining his technique. He recently spent time in some of Washington D.C.'s best restaurants and is the go-to Chef for in-house butchery and sauce work at Truffle Shuffle.

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