Balinese Truffle Salt

Balinese Truffle Salt

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Incredible natural Balinese sea salt packed with real truffles yielding a perfectly balanced flavor that can elevate any dish with just a dash. Perfect for:

* Steaks, Chicken, Pork & Fish * Roasted Vegetables * Pizzas * Pastas, Risottos & More *

Why is this truffle salt better than cheap alternatives?

We’ve crafted a superior flavor & texture from high quality sea salt and real truffles, making a very balanced spice authentic to a fresh truffle experience.

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The salt we’ve sourced for this unique spice is made by Wernie and her family on a single family farm on the Kusamba coast in Bali. They still use traditional methods of collecting sea water and natural evaporation in hollowed-out tree trunks.

Wonderful Flavor & Texture

Crisp and mineral salt that tastes of the pure ocean.
Earthy and aromatic truffles with notes of parmesan, garlic and mushroom.

Add A Fresh Truffle
For The Complete Experience

  • Just like fresh truffles, proper storing of our truffle salt is important. Be sure to keep the lid tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place.