Bee’s Knees Cocktail Mixer Set of 2

Bee’s Knees Cocktail Mixer Set of 2

Bee’s Knees Cocktail Mixer Set of 2

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Our signature Bee's Knees cocktail mixer!  This mixer is Sarah's recipe of a delicious blend of lemon juice, rosemary simple syrup, and just a touch of honey for the perfect balance.  Enjoy it shaken or stirred, up or on the rocks 🧊


Step one, decide that you'd like to enjoy a crisp, clean, delicious Bee's Knees cocktail.  Step two, realize that you have Truffle Shuffle cocktail mixers in house!!  Step three, quickly fill a cocktail shaker with ice, one of the cocktail mixers, and 4-6 ounces of your favorite spirit.  Step four, shake vigorously and pour into rocks glasses with ice or serve up in your favorite coupe glasses.  Step five, sit back and enjoy a classic!

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Customer Reviews

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Loved the entire experience. Chef was awesome and the food was delicious! I need more of the bees knees mix!


The Truffle Shuffle team is amazing!! We’ve taken three cooking classes with them, and every one has been better than the last. The food is always delicious, the team is ALWAYS friendly, and the drinks are always perfectly matched. My family will support by cooking with Truffle Shuffle once a month instead of going out for dinner.


Would definitely recommend and have done so!

Will Kimmey
Solid mixer

This has a nice taste. It's a little sweet for me, so I toned that down with a little water added along with the spirit.

I love the products

I love the products and enjoy the courses

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