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Click here to check out our brand new web app!! 🎉🎉🎉
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Preparation time: about 90 minutes

Everything you need to bring your summer BBQ to the next level!!! We've curated our favorite luxury products to get those grills rippin' hot, truffley, & delicious!! Finnish off your summer, Chef-style or give the perfect gift to the BBQ lover in your life! 

Your ingredient kit includes:
Margarita cocktail mixer for 2
1 jar Truffle Carpaccio
1 jar Balinese Truffle Salt
2 pounds St. Louis Ribs
Chef Darryl Bell (Thomas Keller Restaurant Group) 816 BBQ Sauce
Tuck's Sweat Heat BBQ Rub

Every order will include

  • An ingredient kit with everything you need to make this dish
  • Text and phone support from our smile squad that can help with everything from compliments, delivery issues to in the moment recipe help or wine pairings
  • Step by step on demand instruction from a Truffle Shuffle Michelin trained Chef

If food is love then the ultimate summer BBQ is burning passion!

*Please note, if your order is placed before Wednesday your kit will ship the following Wednesday. 

Every order has my delicious guarantee or I will send a chef out to make the dish for you! -From our CEO and Co Founder Chef Jason

Features: Truffle CarpaccioBalinese Truffle Salt

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