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Click here to check out our brand new web app!! 🎉🎉🎉
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Preparation time: about 90 minutes

Learn to cook our take on a traditional Tagliatelle Carbonara from start to finish! First, Truffle Shuffle Founder and French Laundry alum Chef Jason will show you all the techniques to make fresh pasta dough from scratch, kneading it to smooth, silky perfection. Then, you'll roll the dough paper-thin and teach you to cut it to make fresh tagliatelle. Finally, he'll show you how to make a creamy carbonara sauce with 24 month aged Parmesan and kale, all seasoned with Balinese Truffle Salt and fresh lemon. 

The ingredient kit serves 2 home chefs and comes with everything you need to make Black Truffle Pasta Carbonara.

Every order will include

  • An ingredient kit with everything you need to make the perfect pasta carbonara
  • 24/7 text and phone support from our smile squad that can help with everything from compliments, delivery issues to in the moment recipe help or wine pairings
  • Step by step on-demand instruction from a Truffle Shuffle Michelin-trained chef

*Please note, if your order is placed before Wednesday your kit will ship the following Wednesday. 

Every order has my delicious guarantee or I will send a chef out to make the dish for you! -From our CEO and Co Founder Chef Jason

Features: Truffle CarpaccioBalinese Truffle Salt

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