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Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
Founding Member Pre Sale Announced Today!
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Please note: This dish requires a stand mixer (highly recommended), or an electric mixer. While all are welcome, this is an intermediate to advanced-level pastry class. Chef Jeremy will happily work with all experience levels, but wants the Shufflers to be aware that French Macarons are a lifelong journey that take practice!

Each Ingredient Kit Serves: 6-8 happy home chefs 
Class Time: 
About 90 minutes

About the Experience: Learn the skills and techniques to perfect one of pastry's most iconic dishes: the French Macaron. A classic almond flour shell, raspberry buttercream, all complete with a Chef Jeremy twist: a tiny pipette filled with freeze-dried raspberry purée for a tart kick of freshness. 

Dietary: Gluten free, vegetarian

Skills Taught: French Pastry, piping (materials included in your kit),

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