These Excellent Chefs Trust Our Products


Fort Oak, San Diego

Chef Brad Wise recently showed us how he’s topping world-class Australian Wagyu beef with our Bali Truffle Salt. It really doesn’t get any better than that. #nothyperbole.

Mr. Tuna

This inventive sushi shop is doing great things by sourcing the very best ingredients. Here's how they incorporated truffles and salt from Truffle Shuffle.

Highroller Lobster Co.

The lobster roll has been a Maine favorite for generations, but nobody is doing it like these guys.

Duckfat Frites Shack

James Beard Award winner Chef Rob Evans has a well-established reputation for making crazy good food. Watch to see how he's using truffled yogurt with lobster to make other-worldly duck fat potato skins.

Central Provisions

We caught up with the staff at Central Provisions after a long, busy Friday night service and they were still eager to show us how they are using summer black truffles and Bali Truffle Salt. The boudin blanc was a perfect, creamy blend of proteins that really helped the truffle shine. The Bali Truffle Salt just brought extra little snap to round off this really well-executed main dish.

Chaval, Maine

Roasted #bonemarrow and a 75-day dry aged strip loin deserve an expert chef and truffles. See how Chef Damian Sansonetti knocked this one outta the park.

Truffle Risotto with Parmesan Mousse

Learn how to make the most amazing truffle risotto with parmesan mousse. Chef Jason McKinney guides you step-by-step in this in-depth tutorial. Even if you’ve made risotto a hundred times, you’ll likely learn new tricks in this instructional recipe.