Do You Know Ghee?

white truffle butter ghee

We are constantly looking for new ways to weave truffles into everyday dishes.

Just. Can't. Get. Enough.

And, while we've found a ton of sources for truffle butter, you have to keep it cold, it doesn't last very long and, frankly, doesn't always give us an honest truffle flavor. Thankfully, we perfected a delicious truffle ghee we can use in so many great ways.

Similar to butter and usually made from cow's milk, ghee is very popular in Indian, Arabic, Pakastani dishes, but can be found worldwide. And, because it removes most of the milk solids/proteins, it can be stored at room temperature for much longer, and might even be healthier or easier to digest for people sensitive to milk.

What else should know about ghee?

  1. It's made by clarifying butter.

  2. Ghee has a higher burning point than butter, so frying and sauteing with ghee is popular.

  3. You can freeze ghee and keep it indefinitely.

  4. Once opened, you can keep the ghee on your counter for up to three months.

  5. If you think ghee sounds funny, Germans call it butterschmaltz.

Although it's a long process, making ghee at home is pretty simple. Here are the basics:

  1. Start by very slowly heating unsalted butter in a heavy-bottom pot using the lowest possible stove-top temp. Stir occasionally.
  2. Skim off the surface solids and continue cooking until the solids on the bottom turn brown.
  3. You'll be left with a nutty, golden and clear butter.
  4. Filter using a cheesecloth or similar before storing in a jar or bottle.
  5. Because it's so versatile, keeps a long time and takes a while to make ... make a big batch. Final yield is about 25% less than your starting quantity.

Using Our White Truffle Ghee

If you have a recipe that calls for butter and truffles, ghee's your new jam. We particularly like it for:

  • Finishing a reverse-sear steak, rapidly basting with herbs and truffle ghee over the stovetop. Topping with a little truffle salt adds some final truffle crunch to that beautiful sear.
  • Topping fresh popcorn. Mind-blowing, trust us. Toss the hot popcorn with our ghee right away. Bring napkins, but don't resist licking your fingers.
  • Final touch to truffle risotto, just add a tsp or so for every serving.
  • Frying the perfect sunny-side-up truffle eggs.

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