The Secret To Making The Best Sausage Seasoning

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When creating any recipe from scratch, seasoning is king: Spices and herbs are the soul of any recipe. Without them, our dishes would be bland, missing an extra kick of heat, sweetness, or depth of flavor. And when you decide to make any recipe from scratch, choosing the right mix of flavors makes all the difference. 

Let's take making sausage for your pasta or pizza, for example. Sausage seasoning mixes are everywhere. But with a seemingly infinite variety of dried ingredients lining every sausage recipe, it can feel overwhelming choosing just which spices would make the best sausage.

So, we thought of sharing our own. It's a great starting point that would give your recipe a unique twist. 

Sausage Seasoning the Truffle Shuffle Way

Kosher Salt

The gold of all seasonings, salt. Salt is an essential ingredient in just about every recipe. Salt is as important as the meat when making sausages. It's not just a seasoning, it's a critical agent that magnifies the flavor of the other ingredients and assists with tenderizing the meat. It's considered a gold standard in all cooking (unless you are on a restricted diet). 

But with so many varieties of salt, it can be challenging to choose which salt blends best with your sausage. We recommend using kosher salt. Kosher is a versatile flaky salt that works well in any dish that calls for the savory mineral. It dissolves quickly and blends well with any meat. 

Red Pepper Flakes

If you're looking for a subtle spicy kick. Red pepper flakes are the way to go. This subtly spicy pantry staple is made from dried red chili, taking your recipes to the next level. Adding red pepper flakes to your sausage adds a slight heat to your meat, making your experience more memorable.

Black Peppercorns

Black peppercorn is the second most crucial seasoning to keep in your pantry at all times. It's the yin to salt's yang. While you could rely on pre-ground pepper, there's no beating the robust flavor of freshly cracked black peppercorns. Adding newly cracked black peppercorns adds a distinct fiery flavor to your sausage.

Fennel Seed

A flowering plant that has a distinctive taste and aroma of anise, fennel is a rich source of good carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The primary flavoring for any Italian recipe, fennel's flavor is most prominent when sautéed in oil.

Brown Sugar

Adding some brown sugar can complement your sausage's saltiness. Adding brown sugar adds a caramelized flavor to your sausage.

Garlic Powder

Garlic comes in many formats—fresh or dried, diced, or powder. Garlic is a standard if you're looking for a soft, spicy, and sweet kick in your sausage. After one bite, you'll see why this flavorful and aromatic spice is a winner in sausage making.

Dried Oregano

This earthy dried herb works well in a wide variety of cuisines, ranging from Italian to Mexican—making it perfect for sausages. We recommend adding oregano to empower a subtly bitter taste that would complement your sausages' sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness.

When you are looking to create the perfect tasting sausage, seasonings are your golden ticket. Blending the excellent herbs and spices can provide you endless possibilities. Just make sure once you've combined your meat with herbs and spices, taking a small sample, cooking it, and taste testing are crucial. Without these, you're cooking blind. The importance of taste testing ensures all spices and herbs don't overpower each other.



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  • Julie

    I made my own sausage recipe years ago, and it’s funny that we have almost the exact same ingredients(I have a few more). I’m glad to see I’m on the right track!!
    Thank You for Your insights.

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