Meet The Extended Truffle Shuffle Family: The Chins

Of all the things Tiffany Chin remembers about her grandfather, she remembers his food the most. As a trained chef, Mr. Chin delighted in the opportunity to cook for his family, to spoil his grandchildren. The restaurant became her family’s second home.

But it was her parents that spent the most time working in the kitchen. She never reaped the benefit of her grandfather’s tutelage, but for her, the restaurant was home. She remembers the smell of sesame oil, the breath of the wok. 

She remembers calling her grandfather as an adult and asking him how to hard boil an egg.

“It’s important to me that my kids know how to cook and are able to make delicious things instead of eating out of a box,” she says.

Tiffany has been taking Truffle Shuffle classes for over a year. And in that year, the kitchen has become a vital part of her household. She has learned to cook a perfect steak, braved her fears and cut a lobster tail in half. Her 6 year old son, Mason, is developing knife skills and a taste for caviar. 

“He tells people at school he’s eating truffles,” she says. 

With Truffle Shuffle, Tiffany never cooks alone. She is an active participant in classes, asking questions of our chefs and she loves how the events bring her family together. 

“Sometimes your arm is tired of whipping up the cream, but eventually everyone participates, even if it’s just doing the thumbs up and dancing around when the time comes. My family always loves doing that,” Tiffany says.

Maxine, Tiffany’s 3-year-old daughter, is one to reject foods upon first impression and try them later in a bout of curiosity. It’s a family tradition to watch her reactions and a proud moment for Tiffany when Maxine devours a bowl of homemade risotto. 

“Being able to share a meal as a family is really special in that we have that time together, says Tiffany. “It gives us this thing to look forward to all week. It’s a fun way to take a break and bond as a family and build something together.”

Just like her family’s restaurant, Tiffany’s kitchen has become the center of her home. Except she’s the chef of her own kitchen.

Learn more about how you can gather in your kitchen with one of our virtual cooking classes by clicking here.

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