King Salmon and Fresh Veggies en Papillote

Unless fish is baked whole or buried in a pound of salt, it's difficult for its presentation to feel as special or celebratory as its land-living counterparts. I present you with the solution: paper! "En Papillote" meaning, "in paper" is a simple and delicious way to add some fancy-feeling flair to a filet of fish. The paper puffs up like a balloon, gently steaming the fish and vegetables to tender perfection. I suggest bringing it to the table and unwrap it with your guest like kids on Christmas morning!

We've listed some favorites here, but use whatever quick-cooking vegetables and herbs you have on-hand. This lighter dish is decadent on its own, but if you're wanting to indulge, consider finishing the salmon with a classic Beurre Blanc sauce.  


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