How to Pick a Watermelon

Picking a watermelon is kind of like swiping on a dating app: you may find that perfect someone with good looks, the right career, maybe they even have the same favorite childhood band as you, but when you bring them home and they’re utterly watery and a bit sour. 

In other words, the sad fact of life is there’s no perfect way to pick a watermelon. But, like dating, there are some red flags to avoid when it comes to finding your perfect match. 

You want your watermelon to possess the depth, flavor, and complexity of a life well-lived! And, just like you wouldn’t bring your Tinder match home to mom and dad without proper vetting, I wouldn’t recommend you bring your melon to a BBQ without slicing into it first. 

The good news: there are some key indicators that your melon has been properly cared for. I outlined what to look for–and what to avoid–so you only bring home winners. 

Red Flag #1: She’s Shiny

A shiny melon means it’s not quite ripe. Look for a watermelon that’s deep in color and dull. 

Red Flag #2: She’s Bumpy

Bumps mean the fruit put all its effort into ripening some parts but not others, a result of being grown without consistent sun or water. 

Red Flag #3: She’s All Green

That weird discolored spot on the watermelon is called the “patch” and is actually a good thing! Think of it as the watermelon’s tan line - it’s the spot on the ground where the watermelon sat as it got all ripe and juicy. The deeper and more yellow the better! 

Red Flag #4: She’s Light

When you’ve found your dull, patchy, perfectly round watermelon, pick one up that’s a similar size. If yours feels light in comparison, it means it’s not filled with delicious juice.  

Remember, at the end of the day, the key is to keep getting back out there. Good luck! 


P.S. Found your perfect melon match? Check out my favorite melon salad recipe here.

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