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How to Cook a Perfect Steak

Cooking a perfect steak isn’t magic, it just takes a little technique and know-how. If you’d like to learn how to cook a steak like a pro, read on! Here are our 6 top tips for perfect steak.

1. Select an Excellent Steak

We recommend you find a local butcher to help you select an excellent steak. Generally, beef that has been well and sustainably raised produces a better quality product, but the most important factor when you’re grabbing something from the market is called marbling.

The USDA grades meat based largely in part on marbling, a term used to describe the amount of intramuscular fat in a steak. See those white lines running through your steak? That’s fat, and the more your steak contains, the more flavorful it will be. Truffle Shuffle uses and recommends the highest quality prime beef, but with a discerning eye, the educated cook can spot a well-marbled steak with plenty of flavorful intramuscular fat regardless of grade.

We are proud to give you our top tips for cooking a perfect steak.

2. Temper your steak, not your expectations

Tempering a steak is a step that home cooks often overlook. By resting your steak at room temperature before cooking, you ensure that a steak cooks quickly and evenly.

3. Season Your Steak

Season your steak on all sides, making sure to evenly coat the meat with salt and freshly cracked black pepper. You can get fancy with marinades if you so desire, but Truffle Shuffle recommends keeping it simple and seasoning with freshly cracked pepper and our signature Balinese truffle salt.

4. How to Cook a Steak

We have a signature Truffle Shuffle technique that will ensure perfect edge-to-edge doneness. Add a neutral-flavored oil like canola or grape seed oil to your pan and get it ripping hot. Add your steak when the oil begins to smoke. To cook a perfect steak, don’t be afraid to flip it.  Over high heat, turn the steak over in your pan every 30 seconds until a beautiful crust is formed and the meat just begins to spring back against the touch of your finger for medium-rare.

5. Give it a rest

You may be tempted to consume your sustainably sourced, well-marbled, perfectly cooked crackly crusted steak right away, but a crucial part of cooking a steak is patience. You need to let it rest. We suggest resting your steak for about five minutes.

In response to the heat of your ripping hot pan, juices in your steak will crowd to the meat’s center. Resting allows that moisture to redistribute through the steak as it cools. As the meat cools down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, it firms and is able to hold more moisture. Without this crucial step, juices from your steak will run freely from its center and end up on your plate instead of in your mouth where they belong.

6. Carve It Like a Pro

For an elegant presentation, Truffle Shuffle recommends you carve your steak before serving. 

Beef has muscle fibers that run throughout it like the natural grain in a piece of wood. Especially for tougher cuts like flank or hanger, meat should be sliced “across the grain”, or perpendicular to the fibers running through your steak. Fan your slices out to make your steak look tre soigne and enjoy!

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