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Hibiscus Ginger Mocktail

Hibiscus Ginger Mocktail

The challenge for a non alcoholic cocktail, especially for a cocktail lover like myself, is to make something that doesn't feel like I've thrown some juice in a fancy glass. There are three keys to combat this feeling: 

  • Do the most: make this mocktail like you're making it for the Queen and it's the last thing she'll ever drink. Chill the glasses. Shake with style. Use your best glasses. Garnish.
  • Flavorful, but not too sweet: use interesting ingredients that add spice or earthiness or tartness so it's not too one-note. 
  • Bubbles: an absolute must! The difference between juice and a splurgy spritz. 

Using earthy, tart hibiscus tea and spicy, fermented ginger, this mocktail checks all the boxes and then some. I prefer a shorter cocktail, so I've made it as such here, but would also be delicious over ice depending on your preference. 

Note: Many kombuchas will still contain very small amounts of alcohol. If you're fully abstaining, make sure to check the label or substitute with nonalcoholic ginger beer (in which case, you may want to cut back on the agave as they tend to be sweeter).  


To print, click the printer icon in the upper right corner of the recipe or download a PDF here

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