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From the Humble Streets of Mexico to Michelin-starred Restaurants of the Bay Area: Meet Chef Rogelio Garcia

We are cooking with Chef Rogelio Garcia! Yes, it will be this September 12 at 3PM PST,  have you booked your experience yet? Now's the time to do it.

But before we get down to business, we sat down with Chef Rogelio, had a little chat and here are some juicy bits about him.

Born in the heart of Mexico City, Chef Rogelio García has been working in the kitchen since he was 15. He was raised by a single mother in LA who was a nurse and was fond of cooking homegrown dishes—by the way his mom makes the best holiday flans. As the situation in LA got crazy and felt unsafe, they ventured off to Napa Valley with nothing but passion and love for traditional dishes. 

But getting to where he’s at, wasn’t a walk in the park. Chef Garcia has worked his way up, from washing dishes, working at local bistros, handling paper works for restaurants, assisting executive chefs to being one of the world’s most sought-after chefs, at some of the most renowned, Michelin-starred restaurants in the Bay Area.

When we asked what brought him back to the Bay Area, his response was simple. He wants to take the lessons he learned back to his home, highlighting his Mexican roots and never forgetting NorCal and its ingredients. He believes one of the best things he brought home is Fried Chicken Tacos. Yes, at this Truffle Shuffle collaboration we’ll be making his famous Fried Chicken Tacos.

Chef Rogelio works with local farmers, so we’re using their locally grown organic heirloom corn to make the freshest masa. Oh and we’re also making his mother’s classic, bright, acidic, tasty (with a little bit of heat) salsa—definitely what we’re looking forward to in this class.

So if you're serious about serving an authentic Mexican dish to your tables, let’s put those skills to the test. Book the experience now. Learn to make fried chicken tacos from scratch with celebrity chef Rogelio Garcia! 

Chef Rogelio is excited to share his techniques and styles in the kitchen. He’ll be walking us through each step to make the most scrumptious tacos we’ve ever tasted, including the crispiest fried chicken favored with a Japanese-style marinade, fresh tortillas made with local heirloom corn masa, and his mother’s vibrant tomatillo salsa! Oh and don't worry, we didn’t forget the booze, Sarah will also share her Signature Paloma. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday night right? So, will we see you there? 

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