How To Shuck an Oyster & Mignonette Recipe

In many ways, oysters remind me of truffles: they're less of a taste and more of an experience, something almost otherworldly. It's hard to put into words why oysters are so delicious, but, like truffles, it's almost like they affect the brain differently. I'm clearly not a scientist, but anecdotally speaking, it feels like we'll be chasing the feeling of the first oyster or the first truffle for the rest of our lives. 

This is all to say that I love oysters more than words can adequately express, but I do think, no matter how fresh and delicious, there's something lost when you eat them at a restaurant: shucking is half the fun.

So, have fun with this method & recipe developed from shucking thousands of oysters over the yearsit's genuinely brought me so many good memories. That said, please shuck responsibly! I've seen many an oyster knife injury. Always point the knife down (never towards your hand) and take your time. 

To me, oysters are a festive and fun way to show people you care. Serve on special occasions, with the people you love most!


P.S. For a PDF version of this recipe, click here


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