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Video | French Rolled Omelet

Video | French Rolled Omelet

As the old restaurant lore goes, old-school French Chefs make you cook them an omelet before you can work at their restaurant. In fact, I have a friend who worked front of house at famed New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park back in the day, and far and away the most intimidating part of his first week was to cook the Chef de Cuisine an omelet. (As an aside, I’m curious how this long-standing tradition for front of house at EMP has shifted now that they’ve gone plant-based. If anyone has the update let me know!) 

While just about everyone (and their mom, dad, neighbor, maybe even their dog) knows how to make an omelet, a skilled chef can take the humble, ordinary omelet and make it extraordinary. With its three main ingredients, a classic omelet may be basic, but it’s far from easy. Not in spite of, but rather because of its lack of flair, it functions as the ultimate showcase of technique: when done well it’s hard to believe something so simple can be so delicious. 

This is especially true with a classic French-rolled omelet, the inside being perfectly soft-scrambled and wrapped in a gloriously unbrowned, just barely set casing. It takes some practice to perfect, but is well worth the effort: it’s a skill to carry for a lifetime, whether you’re trying to cook in the top kitchens in Paris, win the respect of the back-of-house in New York, or simply impress your home kitchen’s toughest critic.

While our recipe for a French-Rolled Omelet is a tried-and-true favorite, it’s to be taken with a small caveat: use it lightly to make yourself a delicious omelet, but try your hand at perfecting the technique to make yourself a jaw-dropping omelet. 

For a demonstration of the technique, check out the “vintage” Truffle Shuffle video from when we first started Shuffling back in June of 2020 just below the recipe.


For a PDF version of this recipe, click here

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