Best Brunches of All Time

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Here at Truffle Shuffle, brunch is no laughing matter. In fact, it's sacred.

You see, it's the rare time where we get to do what we love most in this world - gathering around delicious food and drinks - first thing in the morning (and by that we mean around 11 AM). In other words, it's not to be taken lightly.

After much discussion and a very heated debate, we picked our top three best Truffle Shuffle Brunch recipes of all time. Make these recipes for friends and family, ideally alongside a minimum of 3 beverages (coffee + cocktail + juice).

#1: Soft Scrambled Eggs & Caviar 

Silky soft scrambled eggs seasoned with Balinese Truffle Salt & fresh chives on buttery brioche toast, all topped with a fat knob of briny White Sturgeon Caviar from SF-based Caviar Co. Perfection. 

Get your kit here for next Sunday's class or check out the recipe here

#2: Tuck's Breakfast Burrito of Glory

Yeah, Chef Tuck put Truffle Carpaccio in a chorizo breakfast burrito. It's delicious.

Check out the recipe here.

#3: Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict 

We've made a whole lot of bennies. This is our favorite. 

Check out the recipe here. 

Finally, we'll leave you with Chef Tuck's one rule when it comes to brunch: no basic Bloody Marys. If you're going to turn your drink into half a meal, it should look like an entire salad bar was thrown on top: rim your glasses with Truffle Salt, skewer on some crispy bacon (our favorite cooking method here), homemade pickles, Truffle Carpaccio, olives, herbs, crispy radishes. Infuse your vodka with serrano pepper and jalapeño for an extra kick. Get creative! 

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  • John Helfrich

    Chef McKinney, I was curious to see if you were going to do a class on the differences between jam and jelly

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