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A Taste Down Lobster History: From Trash to a Rare Delicacy

Summer's almost over, which means it's time to eat all of the fresh lobster we can see before Labor Day.

But here's something you probably didn't know about lobsters. Before it was a gourmet delicacy at posh restaurants, lobsters were considered trash. Yes, that's right. Our most loved shellfish was once a throw-away food. 

According to Business Insider, when European settlers were washed away on North American shores, lobsters were all over where they would pile up to 2 feet high on shores. Their bounty made them a precious source of sustenance during hard times—and gave them a nasty reputation as the poor man's protein.

During the Revolutionary War, lobsters were abundant that fishermen would toss them back in the water. To add, people didn't like eating them because they crawl on dirt which gave them a nasty reputation—a poor man's protein. 

During the Colonial era, they were fed to prisoners, slaves, and servants. Some servants even had stipulations in their contracts to avoid lobster-heavy diets. Even after that, they were still plentiful. Others have used them as fertilizers because lobsters are too perishable. When lobsters die, there's a stomach enzyme that spreads into its body, making the meat go bad faster, and if eaten, it can make you sick. This is why lobsters are usually cooked alive. 

But all that changed during the mid-1800s. Fresh lobster and canned lobsters became popular with people living in the country's center and tourists. Because of the new demand, it became a commodity, and prices began surging. When restaurants started serving them, lobsters became a delicacy that allowed wealthy personas to consume lobster and shellfish at unexpected premium rates—and we haven't slowed down since.

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