5 Tips for Making Your Virtual Private Event Legendary

From large tech startups to small family-owned businesses, we’ve worked with thousands of guests from a diverse array of companies. Though each and every guest brings something special to the kitchen, we’ve noticed one common ingredient that all business owners & Truffle Shufflers share: they don’t believe in “basic.” Our guests are the visionaries, the overachievers, the people who ask, “okay I get that you cover all the RSVPs & send all the ingredients to my door, that’s cool. But how do I make my event awesome?!!” 

Leaders turn to Truffle Shuffle to host their private event for one very important reason: they love their team. They know how hard their crew works each week, and want to make sure they feel not just appreciated but over-the-top cherished & treasured like the rare, valuable finds they truly are. They want to say goodbye at the end of their event with an empty plate and a tear in their eye and think, “Wow. I think they’ll be writing about this in the history books one day.”

With that in mind, we put together the top 5 ways team leaders take their Truffle Shuffle private event from awesome to legendary. 

#1: The Wine & Dine

Our good friend Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once said, “A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.” In other words, we may not have been the first to figure out that wine and food is a pretty stellar combination, but we sure are making the most of thousands of years of devout research.


How it works: 

  • We partner with local wine makers and purveyors to perfectly pair wines for each dish. 
  • We not only send a hand-selected bottle to each of your guests, but can also have the winemaker join to discuss the pairing, their process, and their craft. 


Adding wine is the opportunity to heighten the experience for your guests: not only did they make a Michelin-level meal, but they can drink a Napa Valley Cabernet or a Chardonnet from the Santa Cruz mountains with the winemaker themself!


#2: And The Award For Best Truffle Shuffler Goes To…. 

We try not to take all of our management advice from the great Sir Michael Scott, but if you’ve ever watched a season of The Office you know that no year is complete without The Dundies. (If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching one of the best television series ever created, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. The Dundies are an annual award show hosted by the boss, Michael Scott, who doles out comedic awards to each employee.)


Though we can’t fully endorse all of the awards typical of the beloved Dundies, we have found putting together a custom Award Show to be a sure-fire smash hit that gets employees cry-laughing, super engaged, and having a great time. 


How it works: 

  • We take care of teaching your guests how to cook a Michelin-quality meal from start to finish. 
  • As your guests sit down to enjoy their meal, we pass you the mic. You give out your annual awards while we continue to moderate, pinning the screen on your award-winning guests and even queueing the music when their acceptance speech runs too long. 


Our Virtual Office Award Ideas: 

  • Best Zoom Background 
  • Top Chef 
  • Cutest dog/cat
  • “You’re Muted” Award (for the most likely to talk while muted)
  • Coolest Under Pressure 
  • Most Psyched 


#3: Cocktails, Canapés & Live Performances

Some teams get the most from keeping the chef-ing at a minimum, and shaking, moving, and sipping at a maximum! We set up the perfect event for your unique team, including a custom canapé board, cocktail, and even a live studio performance. 


How it works: 

  • Our co-founder Sarah is a Bar Master well-versed in the art of the craft cocktail. She’ll send her signature cocktail mixers so your guests can enjoy a craft cocktail or refreshing mocktail along with an expert lesson in mixology.
  • We’ll curate a beautiful canapé board with a hand selection of the finest artisanal products, so your guests can simply practice their plating skills1
  • Boost the entertainment with a live performer! We work with performers from across the country, from American Idol finalists to the cast of Hamilton to Snoop Dog. Yes, not even kidding on that last one. 




#4: Kitchen Secrets & Leadership Lessons 

Chances are you’ve never had the unique pleasure of working the line during a busy kitchen shift on a hot summer’s day. It’s one of those experiences that sticks with you for life: the constant commands, callbacks, “fires,” putting up food, trying to stay “cool” under intense pressure (and over 100 degree temperatures!) when every second feels like the last 10 seconds in a NBA playoff game—to say it teaches you a few lessons in leadership and communication would be an understatement!  


Though we haven’t quite finished beta testing our virtual simulation that perfectly mimics this experience down to the overwhelming heat and constant sound of the expeditor yelling (brilliant idea, we know!), we can offer a unique perspective when it comes to maintaining calm under pressure, effective communication, and the utmost efficiency and attention to detail. 


How it works: 

  • Truffle Shuffle founders and French Laundry alumni Chefs Tyler and/or Jason will teach you and your guests how to cook a Michelin-level meal, loaded with professional culinary techniques and cooking tips. 
  • We’ll open the floor up to Q & A and leadership advice from two Chefs turned entrepreneurs, startup owners, and Shark Tank winners. They’ll answer all of your burning questions, from kitchen culture and stories to building and organizing a team to running a startup.

#5: Bring the Party 

Our in-house DJs extend your class for a home dance party you’ll never forget! 

How it works: 

  • Start the event with a cooking class of your choice.
  • Finish your meal, clear out your kitchen, dim the lights, gather your pets and loved ones, and dance like nobody's watching. 
  • We provide the DJ, good vibes, and maybe even a signature dance move or two. 

Why You Should Host Your Private Event with Truffle Shuffle

We're here to make it easy.

We know the struggle of planning an event. So we're here to make it easy. Our private events are modeled to make any occasion of choice a breeze. All you need to do is fill out our inquiry form. Choose your desired date. Tell us more about your event. Once all information has been received, our Event Expert will call you to confirm event details. Once confirmed, we'll ship kits to all the people you invited and RSVP-ed. The ingredient kits will come to your guests' doorsteps on the week of your event. All they need to do is log in on Zoom and enjoy the experience. And that's pretty much it!

We're here to bring in the fun.

Yes, in fact, 90 minutes of learning and fun. Our private events are catered to make everyone feel like they are master chefs in the making. Our classes are hosted by top chefs eager to share their culinary techniques and knowledge with their guests.

We're here to make things POP.

Throw in a surprise gift from our world famous line of truffle products, like Truffle Kettlecorn, Balinese Truffle Salt, Brown Butter Truffle Honey, or even rare fresh truffles! 

You'll work with event experts.

Yes, that's right. You’ll be assigned an event expert who works one-on-one with you to every step of the way. 

Let’s Cook Together!


We’ve been on a mission to connect the world through food, turning curious home cooks into Master Chefs one virtual cooking class at a time. Through our virtual cooking classes, we’ve maintained a firm commitment to give back to our community, volunteering our time at local food banks and donating food to a family in need for every kit sold. 

We feel so lucky for this food-&-people-loving community we’ve created. We know our great-big Truffle Shuffle family will be better with you and your team on board! We can’t wait to cook with you. 

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