Cheese Board with California's Finest Products

Mise en Place

  • Cheese Board / Large Platter
  • Small Cheese Knives
  • Small Spoons
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Small Bowls


( * Please keep refrigerated before class )

  • Cowgirl Creamery Cheese
  • Triple-Cream Mt. Tam*
  • Marcona Almonds
  • California Medjool Dates
  • Goat Cheese
  • Cypress Grove*
  • Sourdough Flatbread Crackers
  • Brown Butter Truffle Honey
  • Seasonal Accoutrement
  • Pickled Shallot*

Tasting Notes

Cowgirl Creamery
Cowgirl Creamery is an award-winning creamery in Point Reyes Station, California. We absolutely love working with the team at Cowgirl Creamery because they produce some of the most beautiful, artisan cheeses in the country. We hand select the best cheeses in season from their larder to provide a true California cheese experience.
California Goat Cheese
We love goat cheese paired with our Brown Butter Truffle Honey. When we taste our truffle honey in stores, we always combine it with goat cheese and crackers, so this pairing has a special place in our hearts. Goat cheese has the perfect creaminess and tartness needed to balance the sweet, toastiness of the truffle honey. We work with a few artisan creameries in California to select the best seasonal offering.
California Medjool Dates
Larger than the other Deglet Noor dates, Medjool are much darker, semi-soft, sweet and have an aromatic flavor. Because of their caramel-like taste, plump died Medjool dates are often served with desserts, other fruits, and of course,are perfect on a cheese or charcuterie board.
Brown Butter Truffle Honey by Truffle Shuffle
Marshall’s Farm (American Canyon, CA) supplies us with the amazing wildflower honey for our Brown Butter Truffle Honey recipe with Oregon truffles, fleur de sel, and brown butter solids. The combination is a toasty, sweet, and savory addition that pairs so well with a variety of cheeses, fruits, and nuts. Our truffle honey is an easy way to bring truffle flavors to sauces and glazes, soups, crusty breads, and more.