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A Not-So-Humble Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Comté and Burgundy Truffle Grilled Cheese

Grilled Truffle Cheese Sandwich
There are few things as delicious as a well made grilled cheese sandwich.  We created this simple recipe as a way to show off Burgundy truffles in a different light.  Instead of shaving them raw on top of a dish, we slice and shingle them inside the grilled cheese, so they cook as the sandwich does.

We use Comté in this recipe, which is a beautiful unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Franche-Comté in eastern France.  If you can find it, use it. It will make a big difference.


4 thick slices of nice, crusty sourdough
¼ lb Comté, thinly sliced
Dijon Mustard
Burgundy Truffles, sliced
Balinese Truffle Salt 

3T Olive Oil
3T Butter

Grilled Comte Cheese Truffle Recipe

  1. Spread a thin layer of Dijon mustard on all four slices of the sourdough.

  2. Lay one layer of Comté on two of the slices.

  3. Top this layer of cheese with a generous amount of sliced Burgundy truffles.  Season lightly with Balinese Truffle Salt.

  4. Place another layer of cheese on top of the truffles, and top with the last slices of bread.

  5. Heat the olive oil and butter in a pan over medium heat until the butter begins to foam.

  6. Add the sandwiches to the pan and lower the heat to medium-low.  You want to cook the sandwiches gently so the cheese melts and they develop a beautiful, golden crust.

  7. Flip the sandwich and continue cooking until both sides are golden brown and delicious and the cheese is melted.

  8. Sprinkle a little more Balinese Truffle Salt on top and enjoy!

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