Tips from the Chef: Tuck's Duck

Hey, Chef! Stoked to cook with you!

I wanted to send over some tips for the next time you make this recipe.

Fry your own shallots! (Great on just about anything, but especially love them on salads). Here's the quick recipe: 

  • Thinly slice a shallot and coat with all purpose flour.
  • Heat 1 cup of vegetable oil in a small pan over medium heat. When the oil is hot, carefully add the shallots and fry until GBD (Golden Brown Delicious).
  • Use a slotted spoon to transfer to a paper-towel lined plate. Season with salt and set aside to cool.

Keep an eye on them! They keep cooking after you remove them from the pan and go from golden brown and delicious to burnt real quick. Practice makes perfect on these! 

Seasonality: mix things up with different nuts, cheeses, and seasonal fruit. Throw in stone fruit like cherries or peaches in the summer! Slivered almonds or hazelnuts would also be delicious! 

Hope to cook with you again soon! Check out my upcoming classes here

Chef Tuck